Screen Porch Installation

Classe Design installs many different types of screen porches for your comfort and enjoyment. Screened rooms and porches offer bug-free shade combined with the cool breeze of the outside. Installation of these additional rooms and porches is very cost effective.

Madden Industries screened porches and screened rooms are offered in baked enamel finishes that are warranted against chipping, flaking, and peeling. Contact Classe Designs today at 314-210-3009 to get started on your dream porch so you can enjoy the outdoors in the nice summer weather.

DECK installation, Deck repair, PORCH REPAIR and Porch installation

We arrived in the City of Woodson Terrace to estimate a front porch replacement that was designed and built like a deck.  The yard and house was unkempt.  It was absentee owned rental property and the weed over grown deck/porch with rotted decking scared the landlord at his first visit after purchasing the property. 

He had new renters and feared they would fall through the deck.  We could not access the underside of the deck for inspection since it was built to close to the ground. He accepted our proposal with a clause stating the price was based on what we could see.  We removed the decking to discover that some joist hangers at the attachment to the house were almost rusted off.

We also found code violations with the porch construction.  The violations and deteriorated condition of the porch was taken into consideration when the estimate was submitted and no additional charges were required.

When it comes to decks or porches that are to be built or repaired one of the first things we do after leaving the customer is find out if we do not already know what building codes are used by the city or county where the work is to be done.  If we are in doubt we consult with the governing agency as to which code to use, refer to the code and prepare CAD drawings, photos and file a request for permits.

Although the property owner is responsible for securing the required permits we do the filing with the owner's approval and upon receipt of the permit we post them as required by law.  We make it easier for the owner and are in a position to make a better and faster submittal for permits. 

We offer wood, composite, PVC, ceramic or metal decking with a wide range of colors for the design of your choice.  With give free estimates.


Canopies, awnings, car ports and screen rooms when installed as temporary structures normally do not require building permits but may require a temporary structure permit.  This is a safety issue that is used to inform the fire department or police department in the governing area in the event an emergency should occur.  Fire and police departments are alerted by the permitting system to be prepared and make ready equipment for responding to an emergency.

We take the responsibility of contacting the governing agency and meet their requirement so you can concentrate on preparing and planning for your event.

These temporary constructions are shields from the elements. A shaded area temperature is often lowered as much as 20 degrees Fahrenheit.  Also being bothered by insects and birds is brought under control.

When we work in the Tower Grove area we lunch at the City Diner since we enjoy their covered deck.  This is a good example of retractable awnings. Also there are other types of out door shelters that can be seen in Tower Grove Park.

Permanent structures such as car ports, screen rooms, pergolas, gazebos and patio covers usually require a building permit regardless of the material they are constructed.  We prepare the drawing and application and submit them upon your approval.