Retail / Commercial

Classe Designs offers a variety of retail shops, mall stores, restaurants, and franchise buildings maintenance and repair. We replace false ceiling panels, replace burned out light fixtures, repair broken tables, and repair professionally installed banners and store displays.

Contact Classe Designs for all of your general retail store, shop, restaurant, or mall store repair needs at 314-210-3009.


Classe Designs offers a variety of home repair and maintenance services. We accommodate different houses and budgets to get the job done. We repair the items in your home that you don’t have the time or expertise to fix yourself.

Classe Design employs the best quality of workers for your home maintenance and repair. If you have a broken item in your home that needs to be fixed, contact us for a free estimate at 314-210-3009.


Recent government surveys by the government and private institutions showed 60% of home owners were unable too or did not maintain their own dwelling.  They expect the percentage to increase with the ageing population tendency to remain in their home until it is no longer feasible to do so.  We work for this group of people as well as all the others that need someone to maintain and repair their home

70% of our customers are women who are single parents, busy housewives, empty nesters or retired.  Many of them have been referred to us or have referred us to others.  We make it a point to fit our work into their schedules and provide options for making a less costly and better fix.