Cable Railing Installation

Classe Designs is a professional cable railing installer for cable rails for interior and exterior projects.. We install these beautiful cable railings for your deck, patio, or indoor living space. Cable railings offer a modern look, but also a minimal obstruction of view to the surrounding areas.

Enjoy your newly installed cable railing today. Contact Classe Designs today at 314-210-3009 for a free inspection and measurement today.

Ornamental Railing Installation

Classe Designs is a profession Gilpin Inc. products installer. We proudly install Gilpin ornamental railings, columns, and gates. Gilpin railings, gates and columns are available in aluminum or steel, varying in width and height. Different design styles including Oakwood column, Windsor column and Newport column are also available.

Enjoy a newly professionally installed ornamental railing, column, or gate today by calling Classe Designs at 314-210-3009 for your free estimate.




METAL Rails, WOOD Rails, and PVC RAILS

Most cities and counties have building codes that rigidly cover rails and guards for stairs and decks. Regardless of the code ever insurance company has standard clauses in their insurance contract regarding safety practices relating to real estate. Why not install rails to protect ourselves, our children and invitees and avoid mitigating an insurance claim?

A St. Louis County Parks and Recreation Department Director gave us a chance to quote repairs to an amphitheater. Upon a walk through with the director we noticed there were not any railings or guards on the raised platforms at the rear of the seating. He informed us since the platforms were less than 30" in height they were not required by code. We withdrew from presenting a proposal for safety reasons.

We furnish and install off-the-shelf big box railing of wood, metal, glass, and plastic and top-of-line custom designed railings that are state of the art. Our railings meet your taste and pocketbook.

Classe Designs Railing Installations

Ornamental Railing Installations:

Gilpin ornamental railing installation

Ornamental Metal Railing Installations